Exploring Rio Negro

By Francesco Tomasinelli 

Updated on 12/9/2013

The Brazilian Amazon is a land of superlatives. It’s crossed by the greatest river in the world, the Amazon River, flowing in the biggest rainforest in the world. Since there are almost no roads, exploring the Amazon means moving on rivers. The dark, black Rio Negro waters offer the best way to venture in the most pristine flooded forest in the country, now protected by the nature reserves of Jaù National Park and Anavilhanas Archipelago, belonging to the huge UNESCO Central Amazon Conservation Complex. Animals are everywhere, especially insects, reptiles, fishes, birds and monkey but vegetation and camouflage sometimes make them difficult to observe. So exploring the Rio Negro by boat is not only watching wildlife, even if some experiences, like swimming with friendly pink river dolphins, are amazing and unique. Almost untouched by tourism, this area offers the ultimate jungle experience: learning to survive into the forest, exploring tributaries on small boats, camping in remote areas evading dangerous animals and climbing on top of some of the most impressive trees in the world.

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